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Success begins with choosing the right strategy. Our Trial Consultants work alongside accomplished legal teams to test legal theories, develop case themes and trial graphics, identify and eliminate high-risk jurors, and win cases. When preparedness is so vital, we are here to assist you in the implementation of an effective trial strategy using the most up-to-date technology. From the beginning of the litigation lifecycle to the very end – Prolumina offers you and your clients valuable expertise and experience when you need it most.


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“Thank you…so much for your dedication, skill and good humor throughout such a difficult trial. I knew you were good, really good, but that effort was ridiculously good.”
Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

Effective litigation communication is more than facts and figures;

it requires passion, tenacity, and experience…

it requires Prolumina!

“They are creative in crafting an effective more-bang-for-your-buck solution, and highly responsive to deadlines. I give Prolumina my highest recommendation.”
Shane Carew

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