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Our experienced Litigation Strategy Consultants provide a wide range of trial and jury consulting services that help you identify and test key themes, develop an effective trial strategy, prepare key witnesses for crucial testimony, and eliminate high-risk jurors.

Trial consulting - case strategy

Case Themes

Prolumina Litigation Strategy Consultants guide you through this highly structured and collaborative exercise as you assess and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case, ideate on potentially effective case themes, and jump start the design process for visual assets needed to create a compelling presentation in trial/ADR.
Trial consulting - witness preparation

Witness Preparation

Arm key witnesses with an understanding of the deposition and trial/ADR process. Provide them with training in key principles of non-verbal communication proven to increase the effectiveness of their testimony.
Trial consulting - focus groups and mock trials

Focus Groups & Mock Trials

Test your case strategy against the valuable insights you’ll gain from small jury research designed and facilitated by Prolumina Jury Consultants. Refine your strategy based upon participants’ responses to specific trial themes, witnesses, and jury instructions.
Trial consulting - jury selection and high-risk juror profiles

Jury Selection

Receive guidance in the identification of those jurors who pose the greatest risk to acceptance of the evidence because of bias, prejudice, or adverse attitudes.
Trial consulting - openings, closings and case theming

Opening & Closing Statements

Your first words in opening statement are extremely critical to the success of your case. Lend a powerful and persuasive voice to themes and arguments likely to resonate with juries and other triers of fact with assistance from our consultants.

Let's Talk Strategy

Schedule a strategy session or call today for a preliminary chat with our litigation strategy experts. We look forward to talking with you about your case and its particular challenges.

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