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While the practice of law is a more traditional industry, and historically not the first sector to deploy high-end technology, COVID-19 has challenged judges and law firm owners alike to quickly adopt the required technology practices mandatory for practicing law under our new normal. 

Law firms have opted for a combination of working conditions.  Some attorneys and employees are working remotely full-time or part-time and then alternating time in the office in order to meet social distancing requirements and reduce infections.  Inviting masked clients to their offices for meetings when absolutely necessary, including when clients want to join their lawyers for virtual court appearances.  Firms nationwide are becoming more comfortable with the new virtual operations and have started exploring innovative ways to deliver legal services under the newer workplace conditions.

Courts and government offices nationwide had to be closed for an extended period of time.  In order to ensure that matters proceed, and Constitutional rights are met, the judiciary system is now back to an active calendar with the help of expanded and innovative courtroom technology services.  Wheels of justice do not simply stop moving.  Judges have implemented a number of changes in their courtrooms to keep jurors and employees safe and reduce transmission of the virus. 

Times have certainly changed with law firms and court systems having to re-strategize most aspects of serving clients, their employees, and the public at large.